Summerland Elementary

Mr. Dannenberg, school counselor, is continuing to support students online during distance learning. He is available through email, Zoom meetings, and by phone during normal school hours for the duration of the school year. Click on the link to go to his website

Welcome to Summerland!

Summerland School maintains that strength of character and empowerment through knowledge go hand-in-hand resulting in capable adults succeeding in our diverse society. During a time when small neighborhood schools seem to have all but disappeared, Summerland School remains committed to providing the highest quality education in a small, nurturing environment.

Summerland School has educated Summerland students for over one hundred years. Established originally in 1890 in a charming, one-room schoolhouse, it moved as it grew to its current location and became what it is today, a collection of three classrooms, each classroom comprised of two grades.

Set on a hill less than a block from the Pacific Ocean, in the idyllic seaside community of Summerland, K-5 School offers a dazzling vista in a neighborhood setting. A committed staff provides a stimulating environment in which children become well informed, imaginative, and effective decision-makers capable of working independently or collaboratively to create workable solutions to complex problems

In a sensitive and consistent manner, students are encouraged in an environment where children feel comfortable taking risks and always try their best. Because of the small size, students are able to support one another in their academic and social growth, and careful attention is paid to each student's academic and emotional growth. This focus is reflected in the consistent high achievement of each student.

At the heart of Summerland School’s success is parent and community involvement. Small businesses in Summerland support and enhance the curriculum by providing both funds and time to support and expand learning opportunities for students.. The parent group is a strong fundraising arm for the school, with proceeds from fundraising events used to enhance the curriculum and purchase supplies not available through district funding.. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to be a part of the daily learning.

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